All of the following API's are free to use

However, there's a request limit per IP (100 Requests / Minute)

Make sure to supply a proper user agent else your request will be denied.

Tool Description API Link
Phone Number Lookup Looksup a phone number (International format without the + symbol)
Name to UUID Converts a minecraft username to UUID
Define Returns the definition of a word.
Example Returns an example of how to use a word.
Minecraft Server Info Returns details about provided minecraft server.
Source Engine Server Info Returns details about provided source engine server.
Youtube Stats Returns details about provided youtube video.
Encrypt [Hash] Encrypts (Hashes) provided string.
GeoIP Returns geographic details about provided IP address.
Host2IP Returns IP Address belonging to provided host.
Nightcore Returns a random nightcore song.
Anime Picture Returns a random anime picture.
YoMama Joke Returns a random yomama joke.
RuckaRuckaAli Songs Returns a random ruckaruckaali song.
Diversity Promotions Songs Returns a random diversitypromotions song.

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